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Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club


  2. BGC is Celebrating 75 Years of Friendship in Gardening 

The Annual Buderim Garden Festival will run from Friday 15 October (3pm) through to Sunday 17 October.
  1. The Festival will attract gardeners and interested spectators from around the state. The Festival will centre in and around the Buderim War Memorial Hall (corner of Main and Church Streets, Buderim). A major feature of the Festival is the competitive Spring Flower Show including cut flowers, potted plants, foliage, hanging baskets, bonsai plants and garden photography. This year, the theme of the Festival is “Blue and White”, always popular in gardens.

Adjacent to the hall there will be a Quality Plant Market selling a wide variety of garden plants such as bromeliads, gerberas, orchids, staghorns, ferns, roses, geraniums, cottage garden plants, begonias, cacti, succulents and garden novelties.

The Flower Show and Quality Plant Market, based at the Hall, will be open  - Friday 15 Oct (twilight session) 3-7pm,  Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 8am-2 pm. The Friday twilight session will include a sausage sizzle and coffee & cakes available from the adjacent craft cottage, which will also be open displaying a Garden Sculpture Exhibition.

There will be Exclusive Open Gardens in the Buderim area which are selected to showcase the diversity in size and style of gardening in our area.  Visitors will be able to see the Open Gardens without traffic and parking problems via a free small bus service operating from the Hall.  The gardens will be open Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 8am-3pm.

An inclusive weekend Festival ticket for all of the above is $15.00, or $2 entry to the Spring Flower Show in the main hall and the Garden Photography in the Hall foyer.  Pre-Festival tickets will be available at Manawee Nursery, the Old Buderim P.O., Buderim Newsagent or Buderim Bendigo Community Bank branch and on sale @ Hall during the Festival.

We welcome bus groups, and a discount to $12 is available for pre-booked groups of 10 or more. Book on 0448 714 561 or [email protected] (payments can be made on line or by cheque in the mail).

Please book as early as you can, so that arrangements can be made for your tickets to be sent or, these can be picked up at the Hall on the day of your trip. 

The Craft Cottage, adjacent to the Hall, is the home of Buderim’s artists, potters and sculptors who will present their exhibitions including “The Sculptured Garden” which features sculptures, along with unique planters, outdoor wall art and functional and decorative pottery.

Next door to the Hall is St Mark's Church which will be decorated with floral arrangements. Light refreshments will be available on site at the Craft Cottage, with the Buderim Village Green across the road being an ideal place to wander and picnic.

We have two local co-sponsors - the Manawee Garden Centre and the Buderim Bendigo Community Bank branch. Manawee Garden Centre is one of QLD's best nurseries and is within easy walking distance from the Hall.  The official opening is at 2 pm Sat. 16th October.  On Sunday 17th, the Monster Raffle will be drawn at 1.00 pm and the Festival will finish at 2 pm.  
Festival details and the Flower Show Schedule will be on our website in due course.

Below are photos from the 2019 Festival

2019 Festival Schedule.  
2021 Schedule is being prepared (basically the same)


                                                                                 “Friendship through gardening”



Buderim Garden Festival 2019


Spring Flower Show


Venue: Buderim War Memorial Hall





Hall Set-Up:                                     Friday 18 October 2019                        7:00am – 9:00am


Acceptance of Entries:                      Friday 18 October 2019                        9:00am – 2:00pm


Judging of Entries:                           Friday 18 October 2019                         2:00pm – 4:30pm


Show and Plant Market Open:          Friday 18 October                        5:00pm – 8:30pm

                                                      Saturday 19 October 2019            8:00am – 4:00pm

                                                      Sunday 20 October 2019             8:00am – 1:00pm


Presentation of Prizes:                     Saturday 19 October 2019            2:00pm


Removal of Entries:                         Sunday 20 October 2019              1:30pm


Show exhibit entries are Free

Buderim Garden Club (BGC) members and non-members can submit entries


Show Raffle Drawn:                    Sunday 20 October 2019          12:00pm

Show Enquiries to: Chief Show Steward, John Sargaison

Tel: 0490 770 547


In conjunction with the Spring Flower Show:

  1. Open Gardens: Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm and Sunday 8:00am - 3:00pm;
  2. Quality plant market in grounds during the Spring Flower Show (including Friday evening);
  3. Refreshments available Saturday and Sunday.


Garden Festival further information:

* Entries in Section 11 Garden Photography must be submitted by 4pm Friday 11 October

Conditions of Show Entry and Rules

  1. Every care will be taken of exhibits however BGC will accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of exhibits.
  2. A maximum of 3 entries per exhibitor in each class.
  3. All exhibits in Sections 1-7 and 9 must be the property of and have been grown by the exhibitor for at least 3 months prior to entry.
  4. Exhibitors in Sections 1-4 must use containers provided by BGC.
  5. The stem of exhibits in Sections 1-4 must be clearly visible at the neck of the container.
  6. Exhibits in Sections 1-4 may be wedged at the neck of the container, with plastic tubing or similar, but staking of the stem above the container is not permitted. It is better to insert the stem between the container and plastic tubing rather than the middle of the plastic tubing.
  7. Special arrangements will be approved for supporting flowers of climbers / vines (Sections 2/26 and 3/28).
  8. Exhibits in Sections 6/7 must only be shown in the pots / containers / baskets that they have been growing in, without additional display container or covering.
  9. Section 11 Garden Photography – additional rules are detailed under this section.
  10. Exhibitors are responsible for the arrangement of their exhibits before staging.
  11. Only Stewards and Judges will be allowed to touch/move entries once staged in the hall.
  12. Points to determine Trophy/Champion Exhibit winners may be awarded in each class, as follows: First - 5 points, Second - 3 points.
  13. No person other than the Judges and Stewards are to be present during judging.
  14. Prizes may be awarded in each class at the discretion of the Judges (1st = $10, 2nd = $5).
  15. The judge’s decision will be final.
  16. Prize money can be collected from the Chief Show Steward or nominee any time after 12:00 noon on the Saturday.
  17. Hours of entry acceptance will be strictly adhered to.
  18. No exhibit is to be removed from the show benches until the Show closes on Sunday and the Chief Steward has approved the commencement of removal.


Please note, entries in Sections 1 – 3 are expected to last 3 days and where possible exhibitors should replace spent flowers where required to maintain the overall quality of the show.



Section 1 – Cut Flowers




  1. Spike – 1 flower stem, multiple flowers (e.g. snapdragon, stock, foxglove, delphinium, lupin)
  2. Spathe Anthurium – 1 flower head
  3. Spathe (other)– 1 flower head (spike with single large bract) e.g. spathiphyllum
  4. Hippeastrum – 1 flower stem
  5. Clivia – 1 flower stem
  6. Any other Bulb or Corm – 1 flower stem (e.g. gladiolia, Jacobean lilly)
  7. Heliconia and Strelitzia – 1 flower stem
  8. Any other Rhizome or Tuber – 1 flower stem (e.g. ginger, iris, dahlia)
  9. Rose hybrid tea – 1 flower stem
  10. Rose other – 1 flower stem (e.g. climbing, floribunda, scrambling, miniature)
  11. Orchid Crucifix – 3 flower stems
  12. Orchid other – 1 flower stem
  13. Pansy or Viola – 3 flowers on saucer, stems through absorbent paper
  14. Nasturtium – 3 stems with flowers and leaves
  15. Nasturtium – massed container of flowers
  16. Salvias – 3 flower stems from same plant/species
  17. Geranium any colour – 1 flower stem of any type / species
  18. Composite flowers – any colour – 3 flower stems (e.g. daisy, gerbera, marigold, sunflower)
  19. Other species – 3 matched stems of flowers not covered by classes 11,14, 16 or 18 (e.g. carnation, sweet pea)
  20. A single flower/head – 1 flower stem (e.g. carnation, daisy, geranium, gerbera)
  21. Collection of flowers, all same type/species – multiple flowers (flowers from Section 1 only)
  22. Collection of flowers, mixed type/species – multiple flowers/flower stems (flowers from Section 1 only)



Section 2 – Flowers From Exotics (soft shrub, woody shrub, tree, climber)




  1. Hibiscus – 1 flower
  2. Shrub, soft-medium stem (short-medium height) – 3 flower heads (e.g. azalea, butterfly bush, ixora, pentas, shrimp plant, vireya)
  3. Shrub, medium woody – 1 flower stem (e.g. calliandra, camellia, crepe myrtle, tibouchina)
  4. Tree or climber  - 1 stem (e.g. bougainvillea, jade vine, Rangoon creeper)



Section 3 – Flowers From Natives


  1. Shrub or Ground Cover – 3 stems with flowers (e.g. bottlebrush, grevillea, wattle, banksia, boronia, eremophila)
  2. Tree, Climber or Vine not specified – 1 stem with flower head (e.g. firewheel, Frazer Is. Creeper, gum, wonga vine, tree waratah)



Section 4 – Foliage Collection (maximum height 500mm)


  1. Croton – 3 stems
  2. Coleus – 3 stems
  3. Cordyline – 3 stems
  4. Foliage collection, other, single species – 3 stems (e.g. aglaonema, caladium, fern)
  5. Foliage collection, mixed species – 3 to 5 stems
  6. Foliage collection, massed container – maximum 8 stems



Section 5 – Bonsai


  1. Novice Bonsai – entrant has not won two first prizes in competitions
  2. Open Bonsai


Section 6 – Plants in Standing Pots



  1. Fern – single species
  2. Begonia – flowering or not       
  3. Bromeliad - flowering or not
  4. Anthurium - flowering or not
  5. Dieffenbachia - flowering or not
  6. Agloanema - flowering or not
  7. Foliage Plant (not otherwise specified)
  8. Plant in flower (not otherwise specified)
  9. Succulent or cactus – single species
  10. Succulent or cactus - mixed species
  11. Multi planted pot  - with 3 or more species (flowering or not)
  12. Orchid in flower



Section 7 - Hanging Baskets/Pots/Plants (also air plants)


  1. Fern – single species
  2. Foliage Plant
  3. Flowering Plant
  4. Tillandsia / Air Plant exhibit



Section 8 - Novelty Arrangement


  1. Boot / Shoe with flowers*
  2. Teapot with flowers*
  3. Open Design with plant and/or flowers* (base no larger than 30cm square and be able to sit on the display table).   


            * No artificial flowers allowed


Section 9 – Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs


  1. Any Fruit
  2. Single Vegetable in pot
  3. 3 Salad greens in pot/container – leaf vegetables (e.g. lettuce, mizuma, rocket, cress, chives, shallot)
  4. Single Herb in pot
  5. 3 Herbs in pot/container – leaf, seed or root (e.g. coriander, basil, mint)
  6. Massed collection of edibles – maximum 10 (e.g. fruit, vegetable or herb)


Section 10 – Children “Small World” Potted Plant


  1. Decorated “Small World” Potted Plant – Daycare (0 – 3 year old), using a potted plant create your own small world design around your plant
  2. Decorated “Small World” Potted Plant – Daycare (4 -5 year old), using a potted plant create your own small world design around your plant


Section 11 – Garden Photography (Unframed)


  1. Single Flower
  2. Multiple Flower
  3. Flowers produced by bulbs, corms or rhizomes
  4. Flowering native plant – small plant, shrub or tree
  5. Fauna in local garden
  1. the exhibitor must have taken the photograph and the photo must not have been previously entered in a BGC photo competition
  2. photographs can be submitted either *:
    1. electronically in JPEG format via email to [email protected] or
    2. printed (150 x 200 mm - 6 x 8 in) and mailed (or handed) to Merryn Jooste (Show Photo Competition, PO Box 626, Buderim, QLD 4556)
    3. with both electronic and printed entries the following details must be provided: member’s club number, class number and title (as detailed in the BGC Show Schedule) and photo title (e.g. name of plant in photo) -with prints write these details on the back of the photo, with a soft pencil, so that the details do not damage the photo

N.B. the closing date for entries in Section 11 is 4:00pm Friday 11 October

* non-members may only submit printed entries in Section 11

List of Perpetual Trophies and Prizes


Best Buderim Garden Club Member in Show

  1. most points overall in show “Manawee Plant Nursery Trophy” plus $25


Encouragement Award

  1. Gordon Eaton Memorial Vase


Section 1 – Cut Flowers

  1. Champion Rose “Nelva Russell Memorial Cup” plus $15
  2. Champion Bloom (other than rose) “Geoff Drury Memorial” plus $15
  3. Most Points “Maroochy Shire Bi-Centennial” plus $15


Section 2 – Flowers From Exotics

  1. Champion Exhibit “Buderim Chronicle Rose Bowl Trophy” plus $15


Section 3 – Flowers From Natives

  1. “Buderim Garden Village Trophy” plus $15


Section 4 – Foliage

  1. “Buderim Garden Club Inc. 2011 – 65th Birthday Trophy” plus $15


Section 5 – Bonsai

  1. “Buderim Garden Club Inc. 2011 – 65th Birthday Trophy” plus $15


Section 6 – Pot Plants

  1. Champion Exhibit “C. Brentnall Trophy” plus $15


Section 7 – Hanging Baskets/ Pots/Plants

  1. Champion Exhibit “Buderim Garden Club Trophy” plus $15
  2. Most points Sections 6 and 7 (container plants) “Maroochy Shire Bi-Centennial” plus $15


Section 8 – Novelty Arrangement

  1. Champion Exhibit, cash prize only $15


Section 9 – Vegetables and Herbs

  1. “Buderim Garden Club Inc. Vegetables and Herbs” plus $15


Section 10 – Children’s Small World Potted Plant

  1. Class 63 $10
  2. Class 64 $10

3. Class 65 $10


Section 11 – Garden Photography

  1. Best exhibit “Picture Frame Trophy” plus $15

Buderim Garden Club

 President: John Lyon

Secretary: Monika Stinton

Treasurer: Lesley Doyle


Founded in 1946, the Club has approximately 260 members and welcomes residents of Buderim and surrounding districts.


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile phone: 04 4871 4561

Mailing address: P.O. Box 626, Buderim, QLD, 4556

We are also on Facebook: